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Tamara Mellon


Cobbler Concierge

For when your shoes need a little love down the road, we guarantee every pair of shoes with our first-of-its-kind complimentary service through our partnership with Cobbler Concierge. Our seamless repair experience brings craftsmanship and care direct to your doorstep. Your shoes are guaranteed for two years - shipping and service on us.*

or call us at 1 (800) 694-2181 to get started

How it works
  1. Scratched, worn out or damaged shoes? We'll pick them up for repair (on us).

  2. Cobblers with over 4 generations of experience will restore your shoes to perfection.

  3. Our shoes are returned good as new.

* Terms and conditions apply: Must be redeemed within 2-years of shoe purchase. Only one service "redemption" per purchase. Cleaning provided under the program will not remove scratches or stains, as the refresh services are limited to basic cleaning. Other services are available for additional fees.