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How It Works

Now there are two convenient ways to order

Trust Us

Good for those who want to send their accessories off now and fill in the details later.

Pay for shipping upfront, & we’ll send you a prepaid label or box to pack your accessories. Then, fill in the form below, detailing the damage to your item(s). Once we receive your accessories, our cobblers will assess + suggest repairs. You choose the services you want, & we will process the order. Quick + easy.

Order Now

Text Us

Good for those who don’t have time to fill out an order form & want to talk to us directly.

Prefer mobile to desktop? We’re with you. Text SHOES (74637) with a photo of your accessories & a brief description of the issue(s). We’ll figure out the necessary repairs & send you a subtotal. You tell us which services you want & we place the order. Simple!

Text SHOES (74637)