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About Us

Who We Are

Cobbler Concierge was founded in 1932 by Vito Rocco, as Jim's Shoe Repair. Vito was an Italian immigrant to New York, and protagonist of a family of leather craftsman. Through the generations, the Rocco family have perfected their craft, with a reputation of unequaled dedication to quality. Over time, Jim's attracted celebrity clientele, like the nation's newscasters, television and movie stars, and press and television coverage. Top retailers began to direct their repair to Jim's, not only for shoes, yet also for leather products like handbags, luggage, and even baseball gloves. Now run by the 4th generation of the Rocco family, Jim's has expanded its service worldwide through its online brand, Cobbler Concierge. We serve consumers directly, and provide white label repair services for retailer brands, both brick and mortar and eCommerce.

Our Philosophy

We believe in ‘repair’ over ‘replace.’ We believe in preserving our purchases, building a wardrobe and celebrating personal style. We believe that the unique combination of craftsmanship and innovation lets us do things differently, think originally and deliver a better repair experience.

Our Team

Andrew Rocco, CEO

As the great-grandson of Jim's Shoe Repair founder Vito Rocco, Andrew had been groomed to take over the family business. After college, Andrew took over the retail shoe, handbag, and other leather goods repair store on Manhattan's East 59th street. He soon introduced service and process improvements that increased revenues more than 30% in the first few years. Yet it was clear to Andrew that the future was in eCommerce, and that he needed to expand the family's craftsmanship with leather and luxury goods to a worldwide market. Andrew entered a joint venture to create Cobbler Concierge, an end-to-end pickup and delivery service of high end shoe repair from anywhere in the world. Through Cobbler Concierge, the company started processing luxury leather goods repair for large retailers. In 2017, Andrew bought out the minority partners, giving Jim's complete ownership of the Cobbler Concierge internet business. Andrew has since been expanding to new lines of business including luggage, and more strategic alliances.

Joe Rocco, Chairman

Joe Rocco trained with master leather goods craftsmen as an apprentice under his father and grandfather, as he worked his way through school, earning a Bachelor of Arts from Queens College, and becoming a Certified Public Account. He undertook additional studies at Baruch and St. John's University, before becoming the third generation to run the Jim's Shoe Repair in New York's midtown. Joe continued to refine and improve the store's leather craftmanship, bringing in more upscale customers, and attracting celebrity clientele, as well as media coverage from the New York Times, Daily News, New York Observer, and national television. In 2014, he partnered with an outside investor to develop an online version of their high-end service for global customers, and to automate the back-end processes to facilitate scalable white label leather goods services for luxury goods partners. In 2017, he became Chairman of the Jim's, promoted his son Andrew to take over day-to-day operations, and continues to develop strategic alliances for Jim's Shoe Repair and its online brand Cobbler Concierge.

Cobblers, once a neighborhood staple, have become less visible over time. So we went out in search of the most talented, passionate craftsmen to join our team. What developed was a community of artisans from around the world dedicated to giving you the best service imaginable. We collaborate and share skills across disciplines. We believe that creativity is paramount in the pursuit of craftsmanship and that no idea is a bad one.

The Cobbler Concierge legacy is anchored by the unprecedented 84-year history of the Rocco family, the most iconic cobbler family in New York.

We all love shoes. Our diverse team hails from North, Central and South America, and most of us are bilingual. We love coffee, and the conversations that come from it. We play music (loudly) and sing at the top of our lungs (shamelessly). Above all, we are here to make sure you have a great experience. We take our work seriously and make it our business to ensure customer satisfaction at every step of the process. We keep coming back, building our story, figuring out what’s next, and listening to you.

Commitment to Quality

We’re not robots, sitting on the other end of automated messages. We’re here for you – text, call or email – to answer questions and let you know how we can help. Honesty is our top policy, so we won’t keep you in the dark. If your accessory is beyond repair, we won’t mislead you. We go above and beyond to meet expectations, and we’ll let you know our progress along the way.


Our customers are a community of passionate shoe lovers, handbag devotees, and accessory-obsessed individuals who are shifting the conversation online. Active, engaged and letting us know what they want more of, our #shoesquad inspires us every day. Connect with us on social.