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We Wore What is Now Making Her Mark on Footwear

If you check your Instagram daily, it’s a pretty good bet that you follow We Wore What, Danielle Bernstein’s fashion page, featuring the fashion-forward styles she has worn for her every day looks and special occasions alike. The team at Cobbler Concierge loves to stay on top of social media (no surprise there!) and loves to see what Danielle's latest fashion trends.

We Wore What’s SSO line of clothing is now available at Bloomingdale’s, taking her from fashion-forward to fashion designer. It only makes sense for shoes to come next, and she has launched the Archive Shoe line with some fabulous styles to add to your own shoe closet. Archive carries their Archive collection and has now introduced its Archive resort collection. The styles offered truly take you from NYC to the Hamptons.

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Most of the styles are clean, classic and trendy, while some pack a punch of heading turning ‘pow’ – either with the color, material or embellishments.

Archive Beach White Slides

The open toe Beach slide, in gingham, white, or a flaxen linen simply scream casual comfort and style.

 Bond - Gingham Bond Archive Cobbler Concierge

Bond, the closed-toe flat mule with a perky side buckle, is another great option in gingham.

GREAT JONES - GOLD SNAKE Cobbler Concierge

There is also a low boot and, of course, a perfectly timeless loafer, The Great Jones, in black, white or eye-popping gold snake.

Delancey Archive Boots

Once Summer [or vacation time] comes to an end we must turn our attention to autumn, where the boot choices abound. Though we are always sad to see summer leave, the arrival of boot season does make us happy again. With choices like the high-heeled Delancey boot, available in black or eggshell leather or blue denim, it’s hard to go wrong. The look is sleek, the heel is a perfect 3 ½ inches, and the leather is supple.

The Christopher Archive Booties

If you need more ‘wow’ from your above-the-ankle boots, the Christopher in metallic silver is bold feminism at its finest.


While we do love a low riding boot, the look of an over-the-knee delight, such as Archive’s Laight boot is, quite simply, as good as it gets. With its low stacked heel, you can walk all day and never get tired in this amazing boot that is the epitome of Manhattan chic.

What we like the most about Archive’s line is how flexible it is. As we scrolled through the online shop, each of us could think of several outfits we own (and several more we plan to add for fall) with which we could wear each pair. It’s not easy to develop a line that balances style with functionality, but Archive has nailed it. We expect the line to grow over time to add more of her favorites – flats, sneakers, sandals, and perfect pumps. We are looking forward to seeing Danielle pose in her own footwear on her upcoming Instagram posts.

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