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Trend Alert: Shoe Dyeing

Gone are the days where dyeing your shoes was meant solely for weddings and proms. If you are looking for a great shoe but cannot find the style you like in the color that works for your dress or outfit, dye-ing a pair to your exact color needs is not only practical, it is now the trend.

Shoe dyeing has long been done by bridesmaids and high schoolers heading off to prom. Now, the technique is being notched up just a bit, with ladies bringing in a fantastic pair to be dyed in full or, in some cases, just the heel. Fashion forward ladies are bringing in their fabric and satin styles for a ‘presto-change-o’ to the specific color desired. Cobbler Concierge is seeing greater interest in having shoes dyed and our footwear experts are happy to accommodate.

There are some important details to remember about dyed shoes. At Cobbler Concierge, we believe knowledge is power. We want you to have the facts before you decide to dye that pair.

Clients must remember that what you see on the computer or phone screen may be slightly different depending on your screen settings.  Swatches can help ensure you are 100 percent certain about the color, though we have found that the variations are truly minor for those who do not want to add the extra step.


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Bows, knots, twists and other detailing may have slight variations in color from the main part of the shoe depending on the absorption of the color. Fear not, the color deviation will be extremely slight. In fact, it will not be noticeable while you are wearing the shoes. It will require a close inspection of the shoes to see it.

Dyeable shoes are absolutely NOT waterproof. We highly recommend protecting your footwear with a water repellent that clearly identifies it will not change the color of your item. The added protection will be a saving grace if rain is in the forecast.

You may want to consider dyeing other accessories to complete your ensemble. Handbags and purses can also be dyed to match the desired color. All of the same rules apply to purses that we’ve noted for your shoes.

Whether shoes or accessories, once you no longer need the color you selected, you can have the item(s) dyed once again, this time to a deep black color that will likely get more use. So, pick a shoe that is comfortable and stylish to get more wear out of them – first in a color, then as a black pair.

Leather shoes are also dye-able. In the case of leather, stains are available to deepen or darken the color on shoes, handbags and other accessories. The stains are designed to penetrate the outer layer of the leather, rendering a permanent color change that is both rich and beautiful.

This is not a ‘give it a go at home’ technique. Trust a professional service to turn your dye-able footwear and accessories into stunners in the color of your choosing. Cobbler Concierge is your go-to source for repairs. Now it is your trusted service for quality shoe and accessory dyeing too. Visit www.CobblerConcierge.com to find out more.