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Trend Alert: Fashions for Labor Day 2018

Labor Day is just around the corner. The official end-of-summer brings big smiles to winter lovers and sobs from those who love the summer sun on their faces. The one thing we can agree on is the footwear fashion for this time of year is amazing! When the temperatures are not quite blazing hot and end of summer parties are starting, footwear fashions are beautiful and abundant. Read on for some of the favorites chosen by the Cobbler Concierge team (this is what we love to do over coffee before we get started in the morning!).

Gaia Cult Mules - Cobbler Concierge

Mules have been riding the popularity wave for months. They were huge for spring and the fashion love-fest continued on for summertime. Expect to see autumn versions, in warmer colors and heavier materials, as the style sticks around for another season of style fame. We love this pair of Cult Gaia two-tone mules in lemon and watermelon sorbet colors for the end of the season. They are perfect for a party or to wear out just because they make you feel happy. If you have a party or other occasion and need a truly perfect shoe, you will not be disappointed with Magda Butrym’s silk and leather eggshell mule. We love the huge bow atop the front in matching silk.

Sam Edelman Sling Back Mules

Slingbacks are back too. They are in leather and fabric as well as bright patterns and eye-catching designs. We all fell in love with Sam Edelman’s Ludlow, a leopard printed pair with plenty of attitude.

Custom Van's - Cobbler Concierge

Van's Custom Old School Sneakers $80.00

Sneakers have been on the ‘it’ list for summer 2018. Though a white sneaker is always a classic, colors and wild styles have abounded this season. Though we’ve seen so many that are really amazing, we want to highlight this teal and racing flag pattern delight we found at Vans. The sneakers are available in nearly 30 colors, patterns, and designs, so you can pick the one that speaks to your heart.

Christina Louboutin Boots - Cobbler Concierge

Christian Louboutin Chain-trimmed leather boots $1,295

While it’s a touch early for heavy boots, we felt we would be remiss if we didn’t make mention of Christian Louboutin's combat boots in white and black. Combat boots, in general, are set to be a big trend for fall. This pair, however, is truly special.  

The end of a season is a great time for footwear. It’s an opportunity to wear a favorite pair one more time before they are off-season. It’s a time to introduce footwear you’ve purchased for the season ahead. And it’s a time to see what needs repair or maintenance so that you can love them all over again next year. So be nostalgic, be bold, and be good to your shoes. They will give you many more days if you are.

Remember, Cobbler Concierge is your go-to source for repairs. Visit www.CobblerConcierge.com to find out more.