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The Best Weekender Tote for Summer 2018 Getaways

Summer weather practically beckons for weekend getaways. Whether you love feeling the sand between your toes or taking long hikes in the mountains, you will need a great bag to make sure you can pack all of your favorites for the trip. Cobbler Concierge’s staff have scoured the offerings to help you select the perfect weekender tote. We know that the right bag can make the difference between rumpled clothes or forgotten items and a weekend wardrobe that arrives fresh and ready to wear.

Whatever bag you choose, make sure it is roomy enough to hold three days of clothing. It should have ample room in the main compartment, with several side pockets for smaller items, shoes or toiletries. If you are a techno-buff, you may want to look at some of the bags that come with specific compartments designed for cellphones and complete with charging cable. If you are the matchy-matchy type, consider a bag that comes with a matching case for toiletries. Be sure you select a bag that, while roomy on the inside, meets airline regulations for a carry-on bag. There is simply no reason to check your bag if your weekend destination requires air travel. Lastly, be sure to love the design. A good weekender ought to last you for quite some time, so be sure the overall look and feel of the design make you smile (like a favorite pair of shoes).

There are so many weekend bags on the market. It was hard to choose from among the offerings. But we have selected a few that we think stand out above the rest. They are:

Bric’s Firenze 18” Cargo Duffel Cobbler Concierge


1. Bric’s Firenze 18” Cargo Duffel is a gorgeous piece of luggage. It is handcrafted and easy to clean. This hold-all is offered in several colors, though we love the cream. The interior lining, which features the company’s logo jacquard print, is water-proof. There is a very long zipper for the main compartment and it has a convenient exterior pocket designed to hold your passport.

Everlane Twill Weekender


2. Everlane’s Twill Weekender, designed specifically for a three-day getaway is great for both men and women in the signature twill with blue. The bag is both water resistant and easily fits as an FAA approved carry-on size. It is both sleek in design and comfy - with strong, secure shoulder straps.

Madewell Weekender Bag Cobbler Concierge

3. Madewell’s ‘Transport’ Weekend Bag is another gorgeous option that is made with running from place to place in mind. It has three interior pockets, a thick shoulder strap, strong handles, and a roomy enough interior for all your weekend wardrobe needs. This vegetable-tanned leather comes in two colors and is a great option.

Louis Vuitton’s Keepall Bandouliere 55 Cobbler Concierge

4. Louis Vuitton’s Keepall Bandouliere 55 is a generously sized travel bag that meets carry on standards. It has a cross-body strap making it easy to carry – even when heavy. The fabric is both light and supple, with the classic Luis Vuitton logo design on the exterior or the alternate Luis Vuitton check pattern. Interior pockets make it easy to organize your items once you arrive at your destination. 

Kenneth Kole Duff Guy Colombian Leather Duffel Bag Cobbler Service


5. Kenneth Cole offers the Duff Guy Colombian Leather Duffel Bag is a great choice for guys on the go. With five feet at the bottom to protect from dirt, and a beautiful tear-resistant Columbian leather exterior [in a deep tone that never goes out of style], this bag is a statement for the wearer. The bag comes complete with shoe compartments, a roomy interior, and small outside pockets for all your extras.


Smart Bird Weekender Tote Cobbler Concierge


6. For ladies who love to travel, find it difficult to pack lightly, and want to look fabulous, we simply love the Smart Birdy. This hatbox designed rolling trolley holds a remarkable amount of clothing in a small space, comes complete with charging pocket, and is made of fine leather. Available in several colors, this bag is perfect for those who don’t want a bag on their shoulder but want all of the features of a weekender.

As we said, there are many choices on the market today for your weekender bag. Choose a bag with the room and pockets you need, and all of the extras you want. Make sure the straps are strong if you are carrying it on your shoulder. Watch the overall size so that your weekender can come onto the airplane cabin with you. And, be sure the style of the bag works with your personal style.

Wishing you safe and happy travels!