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Shoe Stretching for a Perfect Fit

When buying a new pair of shoes, one always try to choose a pair that really fits your feet well. That, however, is not always possible. There may be any number of reasons why you may end up with a shoe that is somewhat too small. Perhaps you found a fantastic pair of shoes- or boots – at a sample sale. They are gorgeous …you even know exactly what they will go within your closet. But…they don’t have your size. The pair in stock is a half size too small. Or, perhaps, your sister bought a pair of heels that she liked in the store. By the time she got home, she changed her mind. Being the awesome sister she is, she passed them on to you rather than return them. However, her foot is a bit smaller than yours. Or, your foot is a wide size, making finding the perfect a challenge nearly every time you go shoe shopping.


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In each and every case, professional shoe stretching may be the answer to your shoe fit challenges. Not every shoe can be stretched – or stretched as much. Much depends on the materials with which the shoe is made. Leather stretches as does suede and some fabrics. Patent leather, however, won’t offer much ‘give’. Stilettos will only stretch a small amount, but sneakers and boots will likely offer more flexibility.

There are professional tools to stretch shoes – both women’s and men’s alike – in terms of length and width. In nearly all cases, a stretch in width is possible, providing a little extra room from toe to heel along with the needed width for a wider foot. The experts at Cobbler Concierge have tools and techniques that can maximize the added room needed for a flawless fit into those perfect shoes.

There are many online suggestions for DIY and in-home ways to stretch your shoes. The problem is that they may overstretch your footwear or stretch the shoes out of the intended shape. The last thing you want for your shoes is to have them look like the footwear equivalent of an out of shape T-shirt.  Stretching your shoes is permanent. Once done, the leather, fabric or other material will not contract back to its former size. Using DIY methods means running the risk that your footwear will overstretch, rendering them unwearable.

If you have footwear that is an investment – a pair that ought to last a long time – then invest in having them professionally stretched.  At Cobbler Concierge, we understand that wide feet can be a challenge – each and every time you go shopping for footwear. Stretching your shoes professionally is likely to give you a closet full of footwear that is not only stylish but also comfortable to wear all day long. Trust the service you know. Visit www.cobblerconcierge.com to find out more.