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Quality Craftsmanship Everyday of the Week

We love shoes + handbags more than we love most things. So treating your favorite accessories the way we’d treat our own is one of the most important philosophies here at Cobbler Concierge. The craftsmen on team CC abide by a few guiding principles to ensure that your accessories get VIP service every time they roll into the Concierge.

VIP service 

1. Talk to the experts. Before an item goes on the floor, we consult our expert cobblers, who take a closer look at the items to assess the damage. If the cobblers notice something unusual, we’ll reach out to get your approval.


2. Quality control board. In our office, we have a quality control board that we use as a reference for every item that comes in, where we address specific repairs issues, sourcing new materials and the final result that gets returned to you. We send things back to you, ready to be worn.


    Quality Craftsmanship
           3. Research. We crack open the books (read: Internet) to research unfamiliar items in an effort to make sure we get every detail just right—it’s as much for you as it is to appease our own Type-A tendencies.
           4. Brand connection. We have plenty of experienced friends in the accessory business. We’ll connect with the labels you love to wear – and wear out – if we catch any irregularities. Have an exotic skin or a particularly unique piece of hardware that needs replacing? We got this.
             5. Trade secrets. Shhhhh! The Concierge is home to some of the most-trusted craftsmen in the industry, who hail from all over the world. We celebrate their work during Friday lunches. We’d love to hear from you. Connect with us on Twitter: @CobblerStyle or on Facebook: @CobblerConcierge to share your experiences with Cobbler Concierge. Also follow us on Snapchat: @cobblersnaps and Instagram: @cobblerconcierge