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Leather Purse and Bag Repair

For the discriminating pocketbook owner, taking care of your handbags, totes, overnighters, clutches, wallets and more is particularly important. If properly cared for, your bags can last for years and years. But, with use, the elements and simple wear and tear can take a toll on your leather goods. Here are some Cobbler Concierge tips for keeping your leather bags in the best shape possible.

 Damaged Leather Bag

Conditioning the leather to keep it soft and supple is critical. A good leather conditioner will not only care for the leather but also remove dirt and basic stains from coming into contact with everything you have been near while sporting your bag. Cobbler Concierge offers a great Leather Conditioner. There are those who believe in soapy baths for leather products. A quick search on the internet will show an array of how-to guides for giving your favorite bag a bath. In truth, we love our bags too much to offer one up as a sacrificial lamb. Dish soap and a brush do not seem like the way to go for leather goods that carry a significant price tag. There will be no bouncing back for your bag if the leather does not recover. In fact, we recommend waterproof protectant for new bags that will be out in inclement weather.


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Leather Purse Repair by Cobbler Concierge

Oftentimes it is not the leather that presents a problem. Rather, it is the lining of the bag that tears. When this happens, items can get ‘lost’ in your bag. In truth, they are swimming around in the space between the leather and the lining. To avoid this from happening, take care with keys and other sharp items in your bag. Try placing pens or other writing instruments in the side pockets designed specifically to hold them. Keys can be kept in an outer pocket or side pocket to avoid having them catch the fabric and create a tear. If, however, a tear happens, tend to it while it is small and manageable. The larger the tear, then worse the damage to the bag overall.

 Men's Leather Weekender Repaired

Tears to the leather can be either sewn – usually with a patch – or glued together. Results will vary depending on the size of the tear, the product you are using and, of course, the steadiness of your hand. Daring to repair on your own is a judgment call. Other areas that are prone to damage are straps, zippers, hardware, outer pockets, and external seams. There is quite an array of DIY products for stitching up a seam. The key is two-fold – using thread designed to handle leather and having a steady enough hand or ability to sew neat stitches. This, again, is a judgment call as to your ability and risk tolerance. Zippers are a trickier issue. Home remedies for zippers and for hardware are almost non-existent. For those, you will need a professional.

Stained Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag 

If you have a bag with damage believed to be a flaw, contact the manufacturer. They can guide you as to how to proceed. If the damage is from wear or an accident, you may try to repair on your own if you feel confident in your ability and want to give it a try. If, however, you are reluctant to go it alone, reach out to a quality repair service. They have the tools, the parts, the knowledge, and the skills to bring your bag back to life. They will assess the damage and discuss the options with you. You will know what to anticipate and what the cost of the service will be before they begin so that you are not surprised when your beloved bag is returned to you. Cobbler Concierge offers skilled craftsmen whose areas of expertise are repairing and caring for quality shoes and leather goods.

Repaired Louis Vuitton Neverfull Purse Cobbler Concierge

So, be good to your leather and it will last you for many years. And, when accidents happen, take quick action to get it repaired. You’ll be glad you did.


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