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How to Extend the Life of the Soles of Your Shoes

Whether you are hard or gentle on your shoes, wear and tear will undoubtedly happen with all shoes – from high end to bargain styles. Protecting and caring for your shoes, particularly the soles, will give you a longer lifespan, a better look and greater comfort in your shoes.

 Cobbler Concierge Shoe Repair

Proper sole care for your shoes begins before that first wearing. Have a reputable cobbler install thin protective rubber half soles which will extend the life of your shoes. Here’s a bonus - they will add traction when walking on slippery surfaces. Protective soles come in an array of colors. Your cobbler should match the color of the protective soles to that of your shoe’s soles.


Toe taps also help prolong the life of the tip of the sole. It is important to note that the tip of the sole tends to wear out by far faster than the ball of the foot, particularly on women’s shoes. If the tip is unprotected, and the sole wears down, damage may occur in the upper part of the shoe. Protecting the shoe from the beginning may avoid damage later on. Toe taps come in both metal and plastic. Metal toe taps are smaller and more discrete, but plastic toe taps, which are larger, will last you longer.


Regardless of which you choose, toe taps are inexpensive and can be added to your shoes very quickly. Please keep in mind, these will eventually wear down, so be sure to replace them when they do.


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Sneakers can also wear down, so be sure to affix self-adhesive rubber protectors. These will help shoes resist moisture and wear and tear, and also improve traction. Additionally, don't put your sneakers in the washing machine to clean them up. Soaking in suds through a full cycle is bad for both the soles and arch support. Instead, use an athletic shoe foaming cleanser with an old toothbrush. The insides can be freshened up with baking soda or a deodorizing powder. By using these, you will protect the soles and get the clean, fresh sneaker you desire.


When out and about in your footwear finest, you may step in the dirt or other debris which may damage the soles of your shoes. When you return home, be sure to rinse or wipe away any dirt, grime or contaminants from the soles. Debris like salt, sand, and even rocks can stay on your soles where they will grind against the soles. For many materials, particularly leather, the friction can significantly decrease the lifespan of any sole.


Cobbler Concierge Shoe Repair

Try to avoid wearing the same shoes day in and day out. Rotating between a few pairs will preserve the soles on all of them. It also allows moisture to evaporate from the inside, which can prolong the overall life of the shoe.


Have your heels tended to regularly as well. If your heel if off balance, you will likely not walk in your typical even gait. That can put greater pressure on your soles and wear them out more quickly. An inexpensive heel lift will, therefore, add longer life to the soles.

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It stands to reason that, no matter how much care you give your footwear, the soles will eventually wear out. When they start wearing thin, before you start to see holes in the bottom, consider re-soling your shoes. Though this is likely one of the most expensive repairs you can have done to your shoes, it is by far less expensive than a new pair of high-end footwear and will – combined with a shine – make you feel like you are stepping into a brand-new pair of shoes.


Cobbler Concierge is available 24/7 to provide you with the highest quality repairs and maintenance on your beloved footwear. Visit www.cobblerconcierge.com to get a free quote on your footwear repairs. We will send your shoes back with new life for more great days of fabulous style.