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How to Choose an Online Repair Service

Not only do shoes get you from place to place in comfort, they offer protection, provide support and make a statement about your fashion sense. They are truly an investment in all you do every day. So, as they begin to show signs of wear, getting your shoes repaired is important in ensuring the longest possible lifespan for each pair.  The question is where to repair. The growth of the internet has, of course, yielded service providers, including online shoe repair services. Understanding how to choose an online shoe repair service will help you find a provider with whom you can develop a relationship for years to come.

Like any service, you will find any number of options available with a quick online search. Try not to impulsively choose the name at the top. Instead, follow the formula of reputation + needed services + honest pricing = the right choice for you. Let’s do the math.

Every service provider from restaurants to tech repair to child care has online reviews that will give you an insider look into the level of customer service you can expect from the provider. Look for comments that show repeatedly satisfied clients, going out of their way to get the job done, making customers feel special, returning the shoes to the client on time, etc. Happy customers that took the time to write a review are important in helping you choose your repair service.  

Companies that offer a menu of services to meet an array of customer needs is likely to earn your repeat business. You trusted them to fix your soles. You are likely to ask them to fix a pair you mercilessly scuffed while running through the rain. Look for a service that can meet your needs whether it is a man’s shoe or woman’s in need of repair. Your service should tend to leather handbags and wallets to save you from searching when you need to fix your favorite handbag, tote or wallet. Caring for vintage shoes, fabric styles, specialty materials and an array of heel heights and shapes is important. Your service should use quality materials and products to repair and care for shoes. They should use the best methods to clean shoes and bring them back to life. They should have professionals on hand who can expertly work with your peep-toe Mary Janes, riding boots or favorite sandal. And, as part of their customer service, they should make it easy to get the shoes to them and a smooth process to get them back.

Online service pricing is often a sticky area. We know of no one who wants to contend with fast talk or shady pricing practices. Rather, look for a company that walks you through an easy estimate process. It should, of course, be a no obligation scenario. Once the shoes arrive, your quote can be confirmed and your repairs should get underway. If the shoes arrive at their repair workshop and it is determined that the shoes are beyond repair, they should make it quick and easy to get them back to you. The pricing process should be simple and convenient. If you find you need to scroll through pages of ‘what ifs’ you are with the wrong provider.

Overall, the process should be easy, fast, high quality, and without stress. It should never be a ‘take two pain relievers’ [to get over the experience] situation. At Cobbler Concierge, we pride ourselves on a customer service experience that is matched only by the level of expertise of our repair staff. We take great satisfaction in being responsible for the smiles that go along with seeing your beloved shoes return in fantastic condition.

Do you have shoes that need a little TLC and a whole lot of expert repair? Contact Cobbler Concierge at www.cobblerconcierge.com. Let us wow you with what we can do for your footwear.