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Earth Day Thoughts – In Being Good to Mother Earth Should We Repair or Replace?

Cobbler Concierge Celebrates Earth Day 2018

Once a year we pay homage to Mother Earth on Earth Day. Environmental and conservation groups promote an array of Earth Day ideas that speak to easy ways to be good to Earth. These ideas are intended to offer tips people can soak up and employ all year long. In truth, every day should be Earth Day. If we make a mess of this planet, we are without an alternative for mankind and all the animals/plants with which we share the planet. At Cobbler Concierge, we want to be sure there is a happy, healthy planet in which to wear your footwear finery.

In just a few days (April 22nd) Earth Day will be here. It is a delicate balance to determine how to best enjoy life’s luxuries and still be a responsible shopper. If you, like many, want to reduce your carbon footprint, but still look fabulous while making a footprint, we have some practical suggestions for you as you ponder, “When it comes to footwear and handbags, is it better to repair or replace?”


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While perusing your closet and inspecting a particular pair of shoes to go with the day’s ensemble, you may notice that the bottom [or, perhaps, the side or toe] of your shoe has begun to wear. You wonder if you will ever put that shoe on again. After all, a worn-out shoe will not enhance your look. They are, however, a favorite. They are comfortable, have a fabulous fit, offer some memories that make your mouth unconsciously curl up in a smile, and you spent quite a bit on them all those moons ago. Good shoes are an investment. Don’t throw them away. Instead, have them repaired. Concierge Cobbler is fully knowledgeable in working with luxury brands. Your shoes & purses will come back to you in remarkable condition, enabling you to make many more memories in these fashionable favorites. Plus In doing so, you will have also contributed to conservation efforts. “How is that possible?”, you may ask.

Cobbler Concierge Before and After Shoe Repair


Here is how maintaining and repairing are better for Earth:

1. It reduces the amount of waste that will need to be sent to landfills or incinerators.
2. It prevents pollution because it reduces the need to extract new raw materials (to make more shoes).
3. It saves animals- for every 18 shoes repaired an animals life is saved!

4. It saves energy (in factories as well as transportation of the new product from one place to another).
5. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.
6. It helps sustain the environment for future generations.
7. And… it allows products to be used to their fullest extent.

    Cobbler Concierge Environmentally Friendly Shoe Repair

    There will be times that you will want to replace a pair of shoes or handbag. Whether they are no longer our style or there is more wear than you want to repair, you can still be Earth-friendly by donating rather than throwing away. Remember that one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Though the item may not serve you well any longer, it can provide great style and comfort to another person who may never be able to afford them new at the store. Not only are such donations practical, but they help those down on their luck who is in need of a little shot in the arm to feel better about themselves. Lastly, the donation will provide you with a charitable deduction on your taxes.

    Enjoy your shoes and handbags every time you use them. Keep them properly maintained to get longer life from them. And, when they start to wear out, bring them in for repair. When their time has come and a goodbye is necessary, donate them to a local charity so they can live on with others in need. You will be doing right by yourself, your community, and your Earth.

    Happy Earth Day!