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Fashion Week's Most Memorable Shoes

NYFW—like New York City itself—is a pleasant mix of the classy and the outrageous. And when it comes to footwear, we honestly love the crazy. Without innovative footwear, NYFW wouldn’t be NYFW.


As NYFW comes to a close, we're reflecting on the best of the most memorable shoes. In the coming months, you might find these on the streets of New York City, but most likely nowhere else.


Marc Jacobs

We're loving Marc Jacobs' sky-high platforms, which were reminiscent of the Spice Girls circa 1996. Although they would require some serious super model skill to walk in, the 90s nostalgia spices up our life.


Thom Browne

These Thom Brown wheels (whale + heels) are perfect for when you want your shoe to literally be an emoji.


Christian Siriano

These amplified gladiators from Christian Soriano are so heavy duty that they could probably double as shin guards, just in case you find yourself playing in a glamorous game of soccer this spring.


Yeezy by Kanye West

Love him or hate him, now we know there’s one thing that Kanye West is great at: raincoats for your legs that don’t hide all the hard work you did at the gym.


Hood By Air

Apparently no one believes “two is better than one” more than Hood by Air, who went ahead and decided that two shoes per shoe is better than one shoe per shoe.


Proenza Schouler

Proenza got in the same time machine as Marc Jacobs, but actually returned to 2016. These leather platform sandals are the most wearable of the bunch, but still an enemy of stairs, hills, cobblestone streets, and people who text while walking on the sidewalk.



For the classiest footwear seemingly inspired by Animal The Muppet, look no further than this bold pair from Libertine. After being worn outside for five minutes or less, they’ll definitely be in need of some Cobbler Concierge magic.