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Cobbler Concierge to the Rescue: True Stories of Real Repairs

If there are two laws of shoes and accessories that the team at Cobbler Concierge knows all too well they are: 1. we love our bags and shoes; and 2. new can be scary. If you are like us, and you consider your bags (handbags, totes, clutches…well, all of them) and shoes to be more than a mere investment – they are a passion, then you know the feeling of taking out a bag to use and realizing it has seen much better days. Perhaps the leather has stains or ground in dirt and debris. The handles or straps may be fraying. Metal clasps may have separated from the item completely. You get the idea. But these are bags and shoes are the ones you love. You spent quite a bit on them and know they could have good days ahead. The answer is a repair company that specializes in high-quality brands. If this is a first-time venture, handing over your beloved tote, satchel, pumps, or platform heels can be quite unsettling. Our team has selected several items that came to us in need of both TLC and a little Cobbler Concierge expertise. The owners of these lovely bags were all thrilled to receive their handbags returned in such fabulous condition. Let’s take a look:


Louis Vuitton: 

Louis Vuitton Never Full Bag Repair

This Louis Vuitton tote had seen a lot of days out and about. The trim along the edge had frayed, as did the handles, which were practically unusable. The leather had stretched and lost its shape. Our repair team worked their magic with. The tote received new handles, a matching band [to cover the entire top edge of the tote], and conditioning, reshaping and cleaning the leather all around. When returned to its owner, the tote looked brand new and we had a very happy client.

Louis Vuitton Never Full Bag Repair


Rag & Bone:

Rag & Bone Leather Purse Repair


This Rag & Bone shoulder bag was covered in stains and dirt. The shoulder strap and handle were both worn down. There wasn’t a lot of ‘sunny’ left in this sunshine yellow model. After our expert repair team received the item, they were able to repair the strap and handle, remove the stains and bring the leather back to life. The owner opened a package of sunshine yellow bright enough to make anyone smile.

Rag & Bone Leather Bag Repair


Chanel Purse Repair

Chanel never intended for this chain strap purse to tear and tarnish. Its owner was too sad to let it go and reached out to Cobbler Concierge for help. Our repair team assessed the damage and was able to repair each tear along the trim as well as turn back the clock on the chain strap. The purse, upon arriving back home, was found to look brand new!

Chanel Bag Repair


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Longchamp Purse Broken Leather Strap

Longchamp’s red zipper shoulder bag simply cannot keep its name if it cannot zip its top. A new zipper, lots of conditioning, and new straps and handles brought this stunner back to life.

Longchamp Leather Bag Repair



Vintage Gucci Leather Bag Repair

Vintage Gucci is simply too lovely to let it die. This patent leather handbag is a timeless classic that had begun to tear along the edges and at the metal clasps attaching the handle to the body of the bag. When our team returned the purse to its owner, she was thrilled to see the results. New hardware replaced the old and perfect stitching repaired the edges all along the handbag. This vintage beauty was ready for many more nights on the town.

Vintage Gucci Leather Bag Repair

Mansur Gaveriel: 

Mansur Gaveriel Leather Bag Repair

The metal clasp on this Mansur Gaveriel rounded shoulder bag had come clean off the bag, as did the base of the locking mechanism. The entire unit was replaced and the leather received a full cleaning and conditioning. The finished product was clean, free of scratches, and easily able to lock.

Mansur Gaveriel Leather Bag Repair


Rag & Bone: 

Rag & Bone Ashton Style Leather Bag Repair

We received this Rag & Bone shoulder bag, in a popular black hole-punched design, with tears along the shoulder strap. The owner feared a complete break while wearing this favorite. Our team returned the item to our client in tip-top shape. The strap was replaced and the leather was cleaned and conditioned to give the entire bag a new lease on life.

Rag & Bone Aston Leather Bag Repair

If you have a pocketbook or pair of shoes that need special care to return them to their original condition, trust the experts at Cobbler Concierge. Our process is simple and convenient and our results are second to none. Fall in love all over again with your shoes and accessories. Visit www.cobblerconcierge.com to find out more.