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Cobbler Concierge to the Rescue, Part II: Shoes Brought Back to Life

Our last post highlighted handbags and totes that were sent to Cobbler Concierge in the hopes they could be restored. Our clients were thrilled with the results. In this installment, we would like to share some shoe repairs and restorations that brought smiles to our clients' faces. No matter the brand, our expert repair professionals take care to treat every aspect of the shoes entrusted to them.


Gucci Mid Heel Loafer Repair

Gucci mid-heeled loafers are a beloved classic. The owner of this pair wears them to perfect an array of ensembles from her closet. Over time, the soles wore thin, the lifts were ground down, the leather showed a lot of age, and a few jewels around the heels were damaged. More than a little love was provided to this pair to restore them to their original grandeur. They now have a new lease on life and their owner has plans for showing them off as part of a day out.

Gucci Mid Heel Loafer Repair After

Stuart Weitzman:

Stuart Weitzman Flower Wedges Repair

These Stuart Weitzman flower wedges needed more than a little TLC to recover. A flower has come off one shoe completely. The other shoe’s flower detail had crumpled. Upon return to their owner, the shoes had been cleaned and new flowers adorned the top.

Stuart Weitzman Flower Heel Repair


Chanel Ballerina Flats Repair

Chanel never anticipated its ballerina flats wearing away like this signature charcoal pair that came to Cobbler Concierge. New soles, leather repair and conditioning brought them back to their original condition for their owner.

Chanel Ballerina Flats Repaired

Tamara Mellon: 

Tamara Mellon Heel Repair Before

The heels on these lovely Tamara Mellon strappy heeled sandals took quite a beating on the streets of the city. Cement, drainage grates and more ripped the leather and wore away the edges all around the shoe. Our experts have seen this time and time again. They put their know-how to work to return them to our client looking virtually brand new.

Tamara Mellon Heel Repair After


Tamara Mellon Boots Repair

Another pair of Tamara Mellon’s arrived at our repair center, this time a pair of shimmery blue high-heeled boots, with tears on the leather and a heel fully ripped off the bottom. This pair of boots was too beautiful to let stay that in that state. Our experts restored the leather, replaced the heel and conditioned all of the leather so that is could shine from top to bottom.

Tamara Mellon Boots Repaired

These are but a few pairs that have arrived at Cobbler Concierge with significant damage that were returned to their owners with amazing results. It is our goal to exceed expectations by providing truly excellent service and quality.  

Your beloved shoes need not be sentenced to death because they are worn, damaged or in need of an overhaul.

Trust the experts at Cobbler Concierge to use their years of experience and expertise to bring your shoes or accessories back to life. Our simple, convenient process will yield results that are second to none. Fall in love all over again with your shoes and accessories. Visit www.cobblerconcierge.com to find out more.