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Cobbler Concierge: A Look Back at Our Early Days

It’s been 84 years since Vito Rocco founded Jim’s Shoe Repair. Vito, an Italian immigrant to New York, was raised in a family of a leather craftsman. Through the generations, the Rocco family have perfected their craft. They are known for unparalleled dedication to quality. By the third generation, Joe Rocco [now Chairman of Jim’s Shoe Repair and Cobbler Concierge] worked to engage more upscale customers. He attracted celebrity clientele and media coverage from the New York Times, Daily News, New York Observer, and national television. Top retailers began to direct their repair to Jim's,  and the business expanded beyond shoes to include other leather products like handbags, luggage, and even baseball gloves. He used his business education to fine-tune and automate the back-end process, ensuring the business had the know-how to keep up with changing trends in the business environment.

Now run by Andrew, the 4th generation of the Rocco family, Jim's has expanded its service worldwide through its online brand, Cobbler Concierge. Andrew entered a joint venture to create Cobbler Concierge, an end-to-end pickup and delivery service of high-end shoe repair from anywhere in the world. Through Cobbler Concierge, the company started processing luxury leather goods repair for large retailers. Andrew has been expanding to new lines of business including luggage, and more strategic alliances. Cobbler Concierge serves customers directly and provides white label repair services for retailer brands, both brick and mortar, and eCommerce.


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‘Repair’ over ‘replace’ – that’s our philosophy. We believe in helping our customers preserve their purchases, so they can build their wardrobes and celebrate their personal style. We believe in protecting the Earth and repairing versus adding to the landfills. We believe that the unique combination of craftsmanship, innovation, and customer service lets us do things differently, think originally and deliver a better repair experience.

Long ago, cobblers were a neighborhood staple. This is no longer the case. To make sure our customers have access to the best quality available when having their footwear and accessories repaired, we searched for the most talented, passionate craftsmen and invited them to join our team. In bringing these talented craftsmen and women on board, we have developed a community of artisans from around the world with one common mission -  giving you the best service imaginable. Our team collaborates and shares skills across disciplines. We believe that creativity is paramount in the pursuit of craftsmanship. We believe that every idea has merit.

The whole Cobbler Concierge team loves shoes. We believe it is our purpose to make sure you have a great experience during every step of the process. We keep coming back, building our story, figuring out what’s next, and listening to you.

The legacy of Cobbler Concierge is anchored by the unprecedented 84-year history of the Rocco family, the most iconic cobbler family in New York. We hope you will be part of our story when you need your shoes or accessories repaired or restored. Visit www.cobblerconcierge.com to find out more.