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CC Debates: White Shoes After Labor Day, Yay or Nay?

As fashion evolves, the “no white after Labor Day” rule has become a thing of the past. But what about white shoes after Labor Day? Here at Cobbler Concierge, we don’t adhere to any strict fashion rules. But that doesn’t stop us from having opinions—especially when it comes to shoes. 

White Shoes After Labor Day

CARRIE: White clothes after Labor Day? Yes. White shoes after Labor Day? Absolutely not. When it gets cooler in New York, there are more things on the ground. Leaves, rain, forgotten pumpkins, snow, ice, salt, eventually Christmas trees. Which means there are more ways for your shoes to get dirty. Seeing people wearing white shoes after Labor Day makes me think about how dirty those precious shoes will get, and I’d rather not think about that—or see it. I’d rather see a beautiful dark brown or black boot that has all the grime, but doesn’t show it. 


DANA: The city is a sea of black and brown shoes, and frankly, I’m bored of it. Why save up for that perfect pair just to blend in? I gave up packing away my summer whites around the same time I moved to New York at twenty-two. Too many clothes and shoes to sort through and not enough storage space. By necessity, I leave my white shoes where they belong: on my bookshelf-cum-shoe-shelf.


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CARRIE: I wear all black all fall and winter (and all spring and summer, no matter how hard I try). But you’re right. In New York’s darker months, it’s refreshing to see a little pop of color that isn’t holiday-related or in Times Square. I love a white winter coat, but white shoes? Not the answer. Shoes with a pop of color in the heel or in a bold pattern like these Louboutins, which have been haunting me in my dreams for months, have a little dream of spring but still scream winter wardrobe. 


DANA: The runway is a jumping off point now, with fashion becoming more personalized every season. Anyway, putting your foot down on white shoes means you miss out on some of winter 2017’s best footwear moments, like Alexander Wang's studded ankle boots, Rag & Bone’s white creepers, and Derek Lam’s spiked booties 


CARRIE: When it comes to fashion, I don't think there should be any rules. Because if you follow rules, then you're probably limiting yourself. No white shoes after Labor Day is just one of very few personal rules I've established for myself. And this rule doesn't exist because I have anything against white shoes, because I don't. I just think that winter fashion is amazing and shouldn't be ignored any day, even if it's 75 degrees in December. This season, in the likely scenario that I see someone in some fabulous (and most likely dirty) white shoes on the subway, I will kindly and excitedly let them know about how amazing Cobbler Concierge is.

DANA: You are quite the fashion Good Samaritan. Labor Day is an arbitrary cut-off and I refuse to let a roving date in September limit my wardrobe (there’s nothing quite as chic as winter white). I will be the girl slushing around in my beige, creams and ivory by day – and scrubbing off the salt stains by night.

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Dana Karlson is a seasoned digital editor. In 2014 she launched Footwear News’ web site, and prior to that she covered fashion and lifestyle for Glamour.com and British Sky Broadcasting in London. She has worked with top designers including Burberry’s Christopher Bailey, Erdem Moralioglu and Mary Katrantzou, interviewed leading celebrities from Kate Winslet to Mark Wahlberg and reported on Oscars’ fashion for BBC.