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Bloomingdale’s New Shoe Floor: We’ve Died and Gone to Shoe Heaven

We know the cat is out of the bag – everyone at Cobbler Concierge loves shoes. We love everything about them: the styles, shapes, fit, fashion, and flare of a great new pair of shoes. Opening the box and taking out a new pair or seeing a favorite pair restored – returning from a veritable shoe spa day. With this in mind, it should be no surprise that we felt as though we had died and gone to shoe heaven when Bloomingdale’s opened their new shoe floor in April. What a space to behold! If you’ve already visited, you know what we mean. If you haven’t, here’s the scoop…

Bloomingdales "The Heart of Shoe York" New Floor with Cobbler Concierge

“The Heart of Shoe York” is Bloomingdale’s new space for all its footwear. It combines the former shoe departments [that had been located on floors two and four] into a combined space with nearly 27,000 square feet of footwear to peruse and shop. The plan is clearly to make this the place for all-things-footwear. Shoppers will find a massive array of styles from the more than 100 brands on hand. Nearly twenty of these brands are new to the department store giant and the brands cover everything from contemporary to luxury/designer. Some of the luxury designers were asked to create styles exclusive to the NYC Bloomingdale’s (and for the grand opening in particular), making The Heart of Shoe York the only place to find them. So, grab a cab to find exclusives from Dior, Dolce Vita, Gucci, Sam Edelman, and SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker among others.

Bloomingdales The Heart of Shoe York Instagrammable Shoe

Bloomingdale’s was, no doubt, trying to create a whole experience for its shoppers. There is much more here than strictly relocating shoes from one floor to another. They have developed nine shop-in-a-shop specialty areas on the floor, each representing a different need and a different designer. From Jimmy Choo’s Bridal shoes to Ferragamo and Dior, this is a truly special space.


The entire space has an imaginative and whimsical gallery feel. We are debating here at Cobbler Concierge about which feature we love more: the museum-like showcase displays with unique, exclusive designs and the inspiration that brought them to life or the nine massive stiletto shoes created for the space by local artists. We have heard that the artists were given an invitation to create a shoe to represent their vision of New York footwear. The end result is nine extremely unique and fabulous representations. When you visit the department, we recommend you take the time to see all nine and peruse the showcases!

Cobbler Concierge At Bloomingdales The Heart of Shoe York New Floor

 Of course, one of the specialty spots within the department that gives us great pride is the on-site Cobbler Concierge. Shoppers can stop by with shoes (women’s and men’s alike), handbags, or other accessories for repairs to bring your items back to life. 


The team at Cobbler Concierge is 100% in agreement that we LOVE the special focus Bloomingdale’s is placing on new, emerging designers. This effort to promote up and coming footwear designers is not a passing fad; it is a significant highlighting of emerging designers, such as Margaux and M.Gemi. Margaux shoppers can buy made-to-order ballerina flats in their handcrafted Italian leather. Customer’s select all of the details - color, width, and more. Other shoe styles are also available if ballerina flats are not your sweet spot. Once complete, shoes will be shipped right to your door. M.Gemi, which creates luxury, handcrafted Italian shoes for both women and men, is known for partnering with small, family-owned workshops. Their partnership with Bloomingdale’s includes new shoe styles arriving at the store every Monday. Customers may try them on in-store and have purchases shipped home – no carrying bags throughout the city.

Bloomingdales The Heart of Shoe York


In an effort to secure Bloomingdale’s place in retail history for the biggest launch of a new department ever (shoe or otherwise), the store has partnered with several top designers to be present for a series of special events. From Brian Atwood to Sarah Jessica Parker to both Mark Badgley and James Mischka, the lineup is impressive and exciting. The word is that these are running for a limited time only, but the Bloomingdale’s has a history of fabulous events at their flagship store, so we are hopeful this is a feature that will stick around.


Every aspect of The Heart of Shoe York reflects extreme attention to detail. The space is spectacular and speaks out to women with an array of tastes and styles. And…if we didn’t mention it already, there are lots and lots of shoes available to buy. So, stop in, browse around, have great fun, have a loved pair of shoes repaired and bring home a new pair that we are sure needs your love. Happy shopping!