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At Home Shoe Care Guide

If you love your shoes, but struggle to keep them looking great after a few wearings, this post is for you. Shoes are, a passion, an investment, a fashion statement, and, of course, a necessity. Why let your footwear meet an early demise when some quick care tips can help prolong the life of your shoes? Cobbler Concierge would like to suggest the following at-home shoe care tips to help you take care of your fabulous footwear:


1. Take care of your leather shoes. Be sure to moisturize your leather shoes with a good shoe polish. This is not a place to get a great bargain. Invest in a good polish, like Cobbler Concierge's Leather Moisturizer and it will serve you well. Be sure to do this regularly so scuffs are removed, shine is maintained and the softness of the leather stays intact. Much like proper skin care for your face and body, this is not a one-time happening – regular care will keep your shoes healthy.


2. Protect suede and nubuck. Use a suede protector spray with silicone on your suede and nubuck shoes and boots before they ever see the outside of your home.  We suggest Cobbler Concierge's premium WATER & STAIN PROTECTOR Water stains will not come out, rendering your beautiful shoes permanently damaged. For dirt or debris that gets on your shoes while out and about, use a rubber suede brush.  Stubborn stains, however, may require a suede shampoo.  A suede eraser is another tool that will take out marks on your shoe by erasing them, much like a pencil. Cobber Concierge insider tip… you may be able to revive suede with steam from a teapot, then carefully and gently clean with a rubber suede brush. Whatever you do, make sure to dry suede shoes or boots completely before wearing them again. Let them dry slowly and with air only – no hair dryers or other heat sources. 


3. Do not beat up on your heels. Are you one to let your lifts wear down to the metal? This is so very bad for the heels of your shoes. A wiser course is to replace damaged heels as soon as you see them wearing down. A lift is a quick, inexpensive fix. Once you’ve gotten to the metal, you will likely have a damaged heel and a hefty price tag to return them to good condition.


4. Running Shoes. Clean sneakers with laundry detergent - diluted with water – scrubbing the mesh to a foam. Rinse under cold water and let them air dry completely without sitting in direct sunlight. We recommend that you avoid machine drying them. The heat of the dryer may destroy or age the rubber frame of the shoe. If you have stains on white sneakers or running shoes you can clean them with vinegar and water [mixed together] and applied with a cotton ball or gauze.


5. Rubber Soles for Protection. The team at Cobbler Concierge recommends adding a thin protective rubber sole to an already existing sole in order to extend the life of your soles. Most shoe repair shops offer the service, which varies in price depending on the shoe or boot. You'll notice we have a number of different inserts depending on preference, check it out here! 


6. Stay in Shape. After each wearing, insert shoe trees into shoes to maintain the original shape of your shoes. Using wooden trees is the top choice (versus plastic) as they absorb moisture, a secondary benefit of their use.


7. Tend to Salt or Snow Stains Immediately! If you live where it’s cold, you can avoid damage to your shoes as a result of the wintry grossness that is melting, dirty snow mixed with salt or other ice melt products. Apply a salt stain remover as quickly as possible. Let it air dry overnight and follow the directions on the brand you’ve chosen.


8. Alternate Your Shoes. For a quick and easy way to save your footwear, rotate your shoes from day to day. This will let them dry completely and give the fabric or leather a chance to ‘breathe’.

9. Wear Socks or Hosiery.
We realize that sandals are a barefooted delight, but all other shoes should be worn with either socks or hosiery. This will ensure your foot does not ‘stick’ to the inside and will minimize perspiration, which will erode the insoles on sneakers, shoes, and boots.


10. Tune Up Time. At the end of the season, have a professional give your shoes a ‘tune up’. A visit to Cobbler Concierge is a veritable spa day for shoes and boots. From heels to fabrics to insoles, we will give shoes the TLC they deserve and send them back to you ready to take on a new season.

Remember, you invested in your shoes for comfort and style. Make sure you get the most out of your footwear by giving them the love and care they deserve. With these tips, your shoes are sure to last you longer and look great every time you put them on.