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5 Men’s White Sneaks You Need for Summer 2018


One common thread throughout all men’s summer fashion is the white sneaker. White sneakers can be dressed up or down making them perfect for any occasion. Pair them with your chinos, cuffed denim or tailored suits and you'll be sure to impress.  The white sneaker is the most ubiquitous men’s fashion trend for Summer 2018.

With so many options, which ones should you choose?

1. Common Projects Original Achilles Leather Sneakers $410

Common Projects- Cobbler Concierge Recommendation

These shoes help to create crisp city looks. You don’t want to hit a party at the Surf Club, or the Bungalow this summer without these on your feet. A Shoe from Italy, means you can rest easy knowing these sneakers aren’t going to start falling apart after the third or 100th wear. 


2. COS Lace-up Leather Sneakers $125

COS Lace Up Leather Sneaker for Men

COS’s streamlined sneaks are notably similar to the Achilles seen above. For about one-third of the price, those of you who have a tendency to get nice things dirty, this is your perfect sneaker.


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3. CONVERSE Jack Purcell Signature Canvas Sneakers $80

CONVERSE Jack Purcell Signature Canvas Sneakers $80 Recommended By Cobbler Concierge

We like to call this an oldie but a goodie, Converse's signature 'Jack Purcell' sneakers have fresh white kicks are embellished with silver eyelets and royal-blue touches. Crafted durably from two-ply canvas on a supportive sole cushioning and all day comfort.

4. Saint Laurent SL/01 Sneakers $495

Saint Laurent SL/01 Sneakers $495 Recommended by Cobbler concierge

As far as we're concerned, these White leather Saint Laurent shoes will never go out of style. Set yourself apart from the ever-growing Stan Smith crowd.

5. Slip-On Vans $50.00

Vans Slip On Shoes Recommended by Cobbler Concierge

If you're more the beach going, boating type, get these Slip-On Vans for easy comfort. Rest easy knowing if these get dirty you can simply bleach them or replace them.