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Customize Your Shoes

Nowadays it's nothing new to get footwear custom-fitted - in fact, it's more than just shoe-obsessed celebrities who have made it a trend, there's a market devoted to the technique - and the Concierge is here to help.

The cobblers' workroom is stocked with leather and rubber soles to fit any sole, and while many shoppers opt to match the original design of their prized pairs, some prefer a custom order.


So, here are the options: Leather soles come in a tan-nude hue, but the cobblers can also refinish - and repaint - existing soles. Then, there's thin, protective rubber - in black, red and beige, to choose for your shoes. The red is the ideal match for a spiked Louboutin, but there's no reason explore new style ideas. Take the Chanel boots above: refinishing the black leather or applying a rubber slip in the same shade would have been the obvious choice. But why make it match when you can make it custom? Would you mix and match your soles? Tell us your preference on Twitter @CobblerStyle.


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