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Cobbler Concierge's Workroom 101

You never know what you'll find in the workroom at Cobbler Concierge. Our editorial team has been combing the studio to show you how the cobblers can fix your favorite accessories. Here's a rundown, but for more information tweet us @CobblerStyle or visit our process pages.


Taps: Crescent-shaped metal pieces used to restore the toes of your shoes (plus, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes). Miniature golden triangles help reestablish a firm point at the tip of a stiletto, while rounded arches suit a smart men's shoe. 

Lifts: Click your - new - pumps for this tiny wonder. Lifts are the firm base of the heel that help support and strengthen your shoes.


Insoles: Not just for added comfort, insoles often give shape to a shoe, connecting it to the all-important outsole, which hides much of the actual repair work. 

Seaming: Your most expensive bag has the wear and tear to attest to its top spot in your closet. Seams that are bright or unusual in hue might sound like a lost cause, but the Concierge's bag masters will stitch them right up with leather skins to match. 




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