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Before & After: Louis Vuitton Tote

A much-loved Louis Vuitton tote arrived at the Concierge in mid-May. After many hours of careful preparation - and sewing - the bag masters have completely restored it to its designer glory. Take a look at how they did it.


Following the edict that beauty comes from within, the team commenced the refurbishment by cleaning and restitching the inseam of the canvas lining. There were years - even decades - of wear and tear, so a treatment solution had to be applied generously. 


After that, the bag masters selected a matching piece of leather to restore the signature Louis Vuitton tubing around the seams. The buttery soft leather strip was inserted from within the bag to hide the stitching. 




The delicate straps had also lost much of their seams, rendering the bag unusable. The team traced and cut out new leather tabs to replace the originals, making sure to seamlessly connect new and old accents along the way.

Finally, the tote was ready to re-meet its owners, #LikeNew. Share your repair journey with us on Twitter @CobblerStyle.


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