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Closet Space: Marina Beaumont

Step into Marina Beaumont's wardrobe... 


Vitals: Beaumont is the Marketing Director at Lyst, an edited approach to e-commerce. She is based in Chelsea. Follow her on Instagram @marinabeau


Favorite Shoes: That's a tough one. But if I had to pick a pair that I would be devastated to lose then I would say my fuchsia pink Roger Vivier thorn heels. Ironically, they go with everything and are so flattering on the foot. The heel height is perfect for all daywear and for dancing! I've worn them to work, dinner, events, weddings - you name it, they've made an appearance. 


The pair you stash at your desk: My Chloe color-block heel sandals. They're a great day-to-night heel when you need that extra lift and they work just as well for an impromptu dinner as they do a gallery opening. 


Style icon(s): Emmanuelle Alt, Natalie Massenet, Kate Moss, Diane Kruger 
Why… because they always look great - polished but not fussy. They never look like they try too hard and are always dressed appropriately for the occasion. I'm a huge fan of quality basics and classics that have or are worn with a bit of an edge - be it a jean shirt tucked in the front only, or a jacket slung over the shoulders. 


Favorite designers: Celine, Chloe, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Valentino, Isabel Marant. And after living in London for eight years, I have an affinity for British designers - Christopher Kane, Erdem, Mary Katrantzou are all so talented. 


What shoes do you pack for summer vacation? I always pack way too many shoes for vacation! Apart from the standard flip flops (those really don't count), I'll take some metallic and fun-colored flats, wedges, block heels (Chloe and Tabitha Simmons make cute ones) and a couple of pairs of heels. I'm currently on the hunt for a neutral strappy heel that would work as much for a beach holiday as it would for a city break. This might help with the one in, three out rule...


Fashion advice: Wear what you feel comfortable in. If you're uncomfortable, it shows - and there's nothing fashionable about that. 


Shoe Memory: My favorite shoe memory has to do with my nude (and very ancient) Christian Louboutins. Eight years ago, my friend and I went to Las Vegas and decided to spend some winnings on new shoes (as you do at 1 a.m. in Vegas). Three years later, they were still going strong and I decided to wear them for my wedding because [they] were that perfect nude I couldn't find anywhere else at the time (my 'something old'). 


Heels or Flats: I love how heels elongate the body and provide that extra inch of confidence when needed. Equally, I love how mobile flats let me be. Living in busy, traffic-prone cities like London and New York, I would constantly be late for everything if I didn't wear flats. Nowadays, they can be just as chic as heels.


Trend to skip: Wearing too many trends at once! Keep it simple. Simple does not need to mean boring. 


Online or In-person shopping: I browse and shop online daily because it's just so convenient and when I shop in-person, it tends to be with friends and include mid-afternoon wine breaks ensuring the disappearance of any buyer’s remorse.


NY go-to: So many! I've lived in NYC for a year now and feel that I am constantly discovering new places and have 'Notes' open on my iPhone constantly. If I don't write things down, I know I'll forget.  

Dinner: Santina in Meatpacking. It's also quite local to me so apart from being yummy, it's also easy. And I love Japanese.

Bar: Boom Boom Room at the top of The Standard

Club: The Box

Shopping: Kirna Zabete in Soho has a vast selection but is also highly curated. It's also very girly and fun.

Inspiration: I walk the High Line and run down the Hudson from Chelsea to Tribeca at least three times per week. Fresh air is always a good thing. The new Whitney Museum is also great to lose yourself in for a couple of hours.


What are you reading/watching: Instead of a good book at the moment, I'm learning to meditate - which is a lot harder than I thought! There's a great app called Headspace, which has various meditations based on how much time you can commit to it. I find that even the 10-minute version puts me in a relaxed state of mind.  I also love a good series and tend to binge watch as many episodes as I can at once - Scandal, Mad Men, The Affair, Suits... always open to recommendations. 


Best bargain buy: I've definitely bought things that I thought were a bargain at the time and ended up at my local charity shop never worn - so I now think twice before classifying something as a good deal. Some of my favorite bargains have come from designer consignment shops including my chunky Lanvin heels from Roundabout New & Resale Couture (which used to have a store on Mercer St). Every time I put them on, I still think to myself "What a buy!"


Best Investment buy: I've convinced myself (and my husband) that larger ticket items are an 'investment' buy. After all, "I'm saving it for my future daughter one day." I will love my honey-colored Burberry trench and blue Celine Trio bag forever. They're beautifully made and timeless.