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Repair of the Week: Snake-Effect Heels

These blue-green heels might look like they only require a quick clean, but find out how our skilled cobblers mended the pair to make them look #LikeNew again.

Designed by label Linea Paolo, these snake-effect heels required all-over attention. The split insole pictured above was newly created to match the original design, which was worn and dirty. The cobbler pulled out the leather strip and hand-stitched a fresh piece into place.


But the back-lining around the heel was deteriorating as well. Our bag masters were called in to fit a new soft suede piece to mold to the back of the foot. 


The team painted the sides of the soles a deep stain to match the original outsole, which was refinished as well.


The upper was thoroughly cleaned before three different hues were applied to perfect the snake-like ombre design. 


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