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Repair of the Week: Chanel Ballerina Flats

With our recent launch on Gilt City, the Concierge has a bustling week. When we went to explore the most challenging repairs this week, there were numinous heels - big and small - and too many ripped soles too count - mostly men's (what gives, guys?) - but then we locked eyes on these dainty ballerina flats.

The black Chanel shoes feature the French fashion house's signature soles (smooth leather with a pad under the ball of the foot for traction and a petite heel for a ladylike lift), but were nearly unrecognizable. 


A master cobbler was tasked with the doing a complete refurbishment. To start, he removed the existing soles using a glue thinner to take of the thin layer of leather. Next, he cut two swatches out of nude leather, traced them to the shoes and then trimmed them to fit once they were affixed to the shoes. That was the easy part. 


After that, the cobbler used a tool to score the leather over the heel and footbed. He traced the original Chanel pieces onto new, durable options: a grooved pad to go under the ball of the foot and a leather heel. He then glued, hammered and then inserted tiny nails through the insole to lock the heel in place. All that's left is a quick shine...


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