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Party Shoes Looking A Little Tired? Let The Cobblers Refresh Your Heels

Head-turing, toe-tapping, made-to-mingle sparkly shoes belong on the dance floor. However, you're most likely ending the night with a trail of sequins and/or glitter behind you.


Unlike leather or canvas, iridescent embellishment can be tricky to repair. When the pair below arrived at the Concierge, our cobblers had one goal: match the shimmer. Easier said than done? Well, the team was running low on sparkle, so the master cobblers went in search of just the right fit for the pumps.


Shiny discs had to be hand-applied on the shoe's upper while vintage gold "dust" was sprayed on the heel to recreate the glittery appearance of the originals.


To preserve the bottom of the shoes, the cobblers first repaired the worn heels. Then, they added a new piece of leather to rebuild the toes before sanding, painting and polishing the finished soles. 



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