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Shoe Repair of the Week: Painting Prada

Nude - and its many variations - is a famously fickle hue, so when the Concierge received a pair of blush heels, we knew it was time to focus our efforts. 


There's no doubt blending paint is an art form, with its own unique challenges (anyone who has painted a room can tell you that), but applying the right hue to a seriously chic pair of Prada pumps takes it to another level. Cobbler Concierge's Joe Rocco, whose family runs Jim's Shoe Repair in Manhattan, started by creating a diverse palette of colors. 


After concocting a unique blend of peach, beige, pink and a touch of brown, Rocco applied a coat of paint to the scuffed toes and around the micro-platforms. The shoes were then buffed to give them that #LikeNew glow and a rubber half-sole was affixed to protect the base of the timeless style.

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