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Sole Searching: Finding The Best Fit For Your Shoes

Here, at the Concierge there's more than one way to fix a sole. The cobblers can repair a full-sole (men's shoes and women's brogues fall under this category) or half-sole (these are predominantly women's heels). For either type there are several options available, but the main question in sole maintenance boils down to: leather or rubber. While leather might sound like the luxe alternative, protective rubber actually ensures your shoes go the distance. Ask yourself the following before making your selection:

1. How often do you wear the shoes? Chances are if you're stepping out in this style weekly (the pair you store at the office for meetings or better yet, wear on the commute), rubber is the answer. The durable soles are made for those on the go, and will protect your shoes from wear and tear. However, if the pair in question is only-for-special-occasions, leather might be your best bet to preserve design integrity. 


2. How many hours of maintenance are you willing to log? Although leather might match the original sole, it's also easily bruised (which means more visits to the cobblers). However, if you need a chic fix that you won't have to tend to too often, flexible rubber will do the trick. You have three colorways to choose from: red (perfect for Loubis), black and beige (like leather but longer lasting).

3. Are you consigning this pair? In this case, contact the boutique you're working with to learn what its customers are looking for longterm. Some stores prefer original soles to show the designer label (dings, dents and all), while other owners opt for a smooth rubber surface.

Still not sure? Contact the Concierge to chat. 


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