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Before & After Shoes of the Week

We combed the Concierge for this week's most impressive shoe restorations. Here's a little more about the process:

Shoe: Hogan sneakers (women's)

Repair: Refinished leatherwork to fix scraped toes, and a custom paint to match the pair's unique jade green hue. It took some time to get the right mix of pigments, but once the correct balance was achieved the cobblers applied a fresh coat and shipped it back to the customer.


Shoe: Fratelli Rosetti boots (women's)

Repair: These ankle boots were basically in good shape except for a broken heel. A master cobbler pulled out the spike and created a new, durable heel to suit the shoe's silhouette and height perfectly. He shaved down a clean metal spike before inserting into the heel and stitching up the delicate suede skin.


Shoe: Ferragamo loafers (men's)

Repair: This classic style had been a wardrobe regular for one customer, which meant plenty of firsthand experience on the New York City's paved terrain. After refurbishing the leather upper, full rubber soles were affixed to  make sure this pair goes the distance against urban wear and tear for seasons to come.


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