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Make Your Investment Purchases Last 2x As Long

You saved up for those Ferragamo loafers, Chanel 2.55 bag, Christian Louboutin peep-toes (insert appropriate accessory obsession here), and you want it to wear it out without ruining it. The Concierge’s resident shopping addict knows the story.

This is a little number I call My First Pair of Louboutins:


My crush on the red soles developed early. Chalk it up to weekly retail excursions (I was a self-processed mall rat by middle school) or career choices (fashion- something has been in my title for nearly every job I’ve held), but I was quite certain that Christian Louboutin and I would be acquainted.


Louboutins were not the first pair of designer shoes I purchased, those happened on a trail of sample sales, but they were my most memorable. I was working in London at the time when I was invited the label’s headquarters. Despite aforementioned career choices, this was not something that happened everyday. With only twenty minutes to shop, it was the Hunger Games of Louboutin. I had browsed the brand’s spring offering the day before so had an idea of what was in store, but in real-time things got messy.


I knew I wanted a pair of black pumps - but nothing too high - as my ‘investment purchase’ (I have more justifications for these type of buys than fingers, so we’ll devote a story to that later) so I picked up a pair of the patent Simple Pumps (which the designer says every woman should own) and marched on.


The icing on the cake came in degrade pink snakeskin, of course. With a round toe and a moderate (for Louboutin who measures in ‘high’ and ‘sky high’) 100-mm heel, it was my shoe dream and I knew just where to wear them IRL: fashion week, which was still three months away. But since I’ve never been one to put off for tomorrow what I can wear today I slung them in my bag for the following Monday.


Comfortable for heels – an important caveat – and statement-making, the Louboutin snakeskins hit just the right note in an office full of fashion writers. Until lunch, when I returned to my desk and realized the soles – those pretty painted trophies – were completely scratched. I’d like to say I had them immediately repainted (I did not for fear the new coat wouldn’t match the original) or a rubber sole applied (ditto the reason), but instead decided I would wear them only for very special occasions and for short bursts of time.


As of this month, my first Loubis will be the first shoes I send the cobblers. Thanks to the Concierge’s thin scarlet soles, I am rehabbing my favorite pumps. Stay tuned for the After shot and check out more #BeforeandAfter images on Instagram @CobblerConcierge.


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