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What Shoes To Pack for Your Summer Trip

Winter is all but a memory and with spring warming into summer, we’ve got one thing on our minds: vacation. Whether you’re headed to an exotic island or exploring closer to home, these are the shoes you need to pack.


Island Life

Prepare to flex your sandal skills. Male or female, you’re going to need a variety to keep your feet protected, while stepping over hot sand, and on-trend, for any excursions. Inject a pop of color – or a bit of bling depending on your look – with a thin-soled thong sandal. By night, stick to single soles in neutral hues. For men, a loafer in canvas or leather is your best bet for a beach barbecue.


Rugged R&R

Hitting the open road in search of adventure? A sneaker with plenty of support is going to serve you best. Lightweight huaraches are a casual-cool look when it’s time to quit the trail. Throw in a pair of slip-ons for those times you need extra cushion.


City Smart

Pull on your walking shoes. Espadrilles tick all the boxes and can take you from day to night. For women, a pair of strappy sandals and ankle booties will ensure you’re never left feeling underdressed (wedges are also a good bet if cobblestones are involved). Men should stash a pair of oxfords in their carry-on for any occasion after the sun goes down.