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Celebrate Earth Day: Reuse Your Shoes & Bags

The Council for Textile Recycling estimates only 15 percent of clothes get recycled a year, which means the majority (about 21 million pounds) winds up in landfills. In light of Earth Day (April 22), the Concierge is thinking of ways to make our accessories last – so the planet can, too.


Sort through your wardrobe and send us your shoes and bags in need of a little love. Our expert team of cobblers will shape them up and ship them back to you so you have more reason to love your accessories.


#LikeNew is environmentally and economically sound especially when you consider that shoppers’ wardrobe waste grew by 40 percent from 1999 to 2009. Show us your shoes that need saving and we’ll retweet your #LikeNew looks @CobblerStyle.


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