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Which Shoes Should You Repair?

If you ask shoe lovers which pairs are best to repair, the answer is a resounding “all of them,” but we know that might not be your reality. Some questions we at CC HQ ask ourselves are:


-How much do I actually wear these shoes?

-Would I wear them more if (insert appropriate complaint here) was fixed?

-Are they a trendy or a timeless style?

-Is the cost of repair < the cost of buying a pretty new pair?


Let’s start with frequency: if said shoes are living in your desk drawer for any and all work appointments, it’s a go. However, if they have been hovering in the back of your closet for months, you might want to think twice about touching them up. Why? Well, let’s break down the next two points.


If you would actually wear those brogues/stilettos/platforms more if they were comfortable, then it’s a win. Fill out your order and let us know if you need any accessories. If, like us (and apparently Keira Knightley, who admitted: “I see a pair of shoes I adore, and it doesn't matter if they have them in my size. I buy them anyway”), you believe size is nothing but a number, our cobblers might just be able to help you better adjust the fit of your favorite footwear. Achy heels? Just add cushion with our luxe leather sole inserts.


Not sure if the life of the shoe style justifies a repair? You’ll want to decide where the pair falls on the trendy to timeless spectrum. If they rest near the latter, you know what to do, but if the look has been featured on your favorite blogs for months, you might want to investigate its shelf life.


Which brings us to the last point: does the cost of a repair save you money in the long run? Nothing beats a new purchase… or does it? Showing your wardrobe – and your wallet - some love is just good fashion math. Plus, #LikeNew is the best way to make your luxury last, longer.


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