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ICYMI: One More Reason to Show Your Accessories Some Love

In case you missed it: we've made prices super simple for all. This isn’t a one-time flash sale, there are no secret codes or annoying surveys to fill out, it’s just a good reason to repair your favorite shoes and bags today.


Women’s shoes = $40 per pair

Men’s shoes = $80 per pair

Handbags = $100 per bag


So, if you send us one pair of heels, a pair of men's loafers, a pair of men's boots and your old Gucci clutch this it how it works: $40 + $80 + $80 + $100 = $300.


That’s it. No funny business. Don’t worry about shipping – we got that. All you need to do is figure out what to send first.


And don’t forget to tell your friends. Check out our Instagram page @CobblerConcierge for Before & After shots of your favorite shoes getting the #LikeNew treatment.