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Cobbler Concierge Visits New York School With Shoes That Fit


On April 2, Cobbler Concierge loaded up our van with as many pairs of sneakers as we could fit and headed to Queens, N.Y. The team had spent the night before boxing up shoes to bring to students at PS 50.


As part of our mission, Cobbler Concierge is dedicated to working with Shoes That Fit, a nationwide charity that helps children in need. We have committed a percentage of all proceeds to the volunteer-run organization.


“Who knows what a cobbler is?”


As students sat on stage in the school auditorium, there were many answers to that question. However, when it was time to deliver the boxes, each addressed to a specific child, there was one big cheer.


We're not sure who had more fun - CC or the students. See for yourself in a clip from our visit.


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