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DIY Cobbler Style

Cracked leather, ground-down heels, shoes devoured by the family dog, the Rocco family has seen it all. In a city that never sleeps, it’s more important than ever to take care of your soles. We asked Joe, Joe and Andrew to recommend some DIY help to keep your favorite pairs in tip-top condition, straight from the cobblers’ mouths.


“For ladies, with more expensive shoes the rubber soles are key,” Andrew said. “Men [should get their shoes] shined, conditioning them. Otherwise, the leather gets dried out and cracked. Cedar shoetrees are really good because they help condition [the leather].


His grandfather Joe echoed this idea, adding: “Always good to put cream on the shoe, and brush them, have them dry cleaned.” For women, the senior Rocco suggests you “keep your heels level.”


Andrew’s father Joe suggested getting shoes regularly shined after a repair “so they don’t dry out.”


Got questions? Let the cobblers know on Twitter @CobblerStyle