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The History of Shoes

3,400 B.C.: The earliest known leather shoe dates back to this era, and was unearthed in an Armenian cave in 2010.


2nd Century: The Roman army wears Caliga “boots,” which resemble sandals and feature leather straps that wrap around the foot.


10th Century: High heels first come into fashion – for men. A style adopted from the Persians, the shoes are worn by noblemen on horseback for balance. The trend spreads to Europe at the start of the 1500s.


1137: Eleanor of Aquitaine, known for her simple footwear, wears flat, pointed shoes to court.


1431: Joan of Arc is charged with wearing thigh-high boots or cuissardes, which are the sole domain of men in this era.


15th Century: Popular in Venice, the chopine is a style of wooden platform that protects the wearer from street soil and later symbolizes the wearer’s social standing.


1533: Catherine Medici is credited with popularizing the high heel in French fashion.


1606: During the performance of Greek and Roman tragedies, actors often wear cothurnus, or high shoes with many soles, in the earliest known use of platform shoes.


1670: Louis XIV issues a decree that only members of his court are permitted to wear red heels, which are quite costly thanks to costly dye.


1789: The French Revolution sees the fall of frivolous footwear, and heels fall out of fashion.


1880s: Shoes first start to feature left and right soles.


19th Century: Photography as a popular art form signals the return of the heel for women.


1932: Jim’s Shoe Repair opens in New York City. Renown for its craftsmanship and exceptional quality, the family-run business establishes a loyal following over eight decades of service.


1950s: Marilyn Monroe popularizes the mule, a backless stiletto style.


1957: Coco Chanel unveils her square-toed, two-tone sling black slipper which featured a bow around the ankle instead of a buckle.


1992: After apprenticing for legendary shoe designer Charles Jourdan, Christian Louboutin opens his eponymous boutique in Paris, and the beginning of the modern luxury heel craze is born. 


2014: Paul Andrew becomes the first footwear designer to win the coveted CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Fund prize.


2015: Cobbler Concierge helps accessory fans love their luxury, longer.