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Meet the Cobblers

Manhattan might be the birthplace of the inimitable Jim’s Shoe Repairs, but it won’t be the only city to know its talents for long. Working with the Rocco family to develop a credible luxury shoe and handbag service for the digital age, Cobbler Concierge is giving footwear fans across the U.S. access to this unique team of craftsmen. Meet the sons who have worked, generation after generation, to bring this 83-year-old establishment to new shoe lovers nationwide.

Andrew Rocco

-The fourth generation to work at Jim’s Shoe Repairs

-After working summers at the shop, he decided he wanted help expand the future of the family operation

-Believes his high level of perfectionism was inherited from his father

-Treats all shoes repairs as if he’s handling his own pair – nothing goes out unless it’s “mint”

Joe Rocco

-Started working at Jim’s on Saturdays when he was a kid

-He became a CPA before returning to work at the family business full time

-A perfectionist at heart, he attributes this work ethic to his father

-Takes pride in doing high-level repairs by hand, the traditional method

-Working with so many people in the service industry feels “like a family” to him

Joe A. Rocco

-His father, Vito, founded Jim’s Shoe Repair in 1932 after shining shoes around New York City to save money

-Joined Jim’s in 1940, when he was just 10 years old

-Wakes at 3:30 to get to the shop by 4:30 in order to inspect the shoes

-Assigns the daily repairs