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8 Things to Know about Cobbler Concierge

You love your accessories, and so do we. Cobbler Concierge is redefining the repair industry to make your top priority shoes and bags go the distance. Here, the concierge shares a few things you might not know about the team:

1. Established in 2015, Cobbler Concierge was born of the need for high quality service for luxury goods. With one of the largest repair facilities in the world, we have plenty of room to refresh all of your favorite accessories.

2. We’ve got eight decades of knowledge behind us, thanks to our partnership with the Rocco family. That’s four generations of sons who know shoes, and you can trust they’ve seen it all (even the pair of shoes your dog devoured).

3. We’ll treat your shoes and bags like they’re our own.

4. Only the finest Italian leather makes the grade. After all, your closet deserves it.

5. We may call Manhattan home, but we’re here to help every corner of the United States, too.

6. We look after both men’s and women’s items, and no, we don’t play favorites.

7. Our concierge team is available 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.  So if you have questions, just ask. Not sure if your soles need a fresh coat of paint or rubber protectors? Drop us a line.

8. We can’t believe how perfectly our red rubber soles match your original red soles either!