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His Vs. Hers: Whose Shoes Require More Attention? You Might Be Surprised…

Although discarded receipts and overall shelf space may imply otherwise, the scale is tilting sharply in one direction on the great shoe debate.

While some women may take after Carrie Bradshaw, stocking up on new footwear not just seasonally, but weekly, men are narrowing in on the accessory craze, and even surpass females in terms of cost of upkeep. It’s a numbers game. While women’s heels, the style shoe Cobbler Concierge sees most frequently, have a sole-focus for sure (usually calling for a new coat of paint or protective rubber bottom), men’s shoes often require the full service.

“Men’s soles are glued and stitched together with Italian leather,” cobbler Andrew Rocco explains.

Larger and usually made of leather, men’s soles require a great deal of handiwork - and materials. While women’s styles often involve a half sole, the same can’t be said for men’s, where rubber is used in addition to leather to increase “comfort, traction and durability.”


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