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5 Quick Tips to Protect Your Shoes this Season

Spring has sprung, which has us replacing winter wear with new-season styles. But not so fast: first, a few ways to care for your footwear so it goes the distance this season.


Think Ahead
Just found your new favorite pair? You’ll need to prep the soles to guarantee all your steps count this spring. Our cobblers suggest protective rubber covers – which come in various colors, including a spot-on Louboutin red – to preserve the original soles.


Rain Be Gone
Many of us think only winter can wreak havoc on our footwear, but spring’s soggy conditions can also spell disaster for your closet. Be sure to brush up suede styles with a weather-resistant spray.


Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
Care for leather shoes as you would care for your skin: nourish it. A good conditioner is the best way to ensure your leather is hydrated. The animal skin will absorb the product so it stays supple and smooth.


Rise & Shine
Between repairs make sure to keep your top shoes looking brand new with a slick of polish. After moisturizing, a good shine is the next best defense against aging leather.


Go Green
As in trees, cedar trees to be exact. Trust us, these shoe trees do the trick when it comes to absorbing unwanted moisture - from your feet - that risks ruining all the work you’ve put into maintaining your most loved pairs. For men’s shoes especially, cedar shoe trees are a must.


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