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Cobbler Concierge x Parsons School of Design

Every year, Parsons School of Designs hosts the Designer of the Year BFA Fashion Presentations, showcasing the premier collections from the graduating class. Students spend their final year at Parsons producing a thesis project that reflects their unique design philosophies.


As part of Parsons’ renewed focus on product development and design integration, the prestigious university wanted to give seniors a hands-on experience in footwear production. This year, Parsons sent three of its top students to collaborate with Cobbler Concierge, translating shoe dreams to the runway.


Over the course of three weeks this spring, the Concierge’s experts teamed up with Jackson, Song and Seonmi from the New School to transform their sketches into reality. The pace was manic, the inspiration – unbelievable. Each student arrived with detailed drawings and spent days with the cobblers hammering these ideas into wearable footwear. Sourcing the finest leathers and materials, the students worked alongside Cobbler Concierge to determine how to shape the shoes of the future.


The cobblers fit together the designs piece by piece, working with lasts to mold the silhouette, shaping the soles, treating the leather and stitching the various components into shoes made for walking the catwalk.


Two of the pairs, designed by Jackson and Song, will be presented on April 29, 2016. Check out our Instagram @CobblerConcierge for more behind-the-scenes images.


Dana Karlson is a seasoned digital editor. In 2014 she launched Footwear News’ web site, and prior to that she covered fashion and lifestyle for Glamour.com and British Sky Broadcasting in London. She has worked with top designers including Burberry’s Christopher Bailey, Erdem Moralioglu and Mary Katrantzou, interviewed leading celebrities from Kate Winslet to Mark Wahlberg and reported on Oscars’ fashion for BBC.