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10 Emerging Footwear Brands to Watch

We all have our favorite shoe brands – the ones we love. Each season we wait to see their latest styles at our most beloved boutiques. But, every now and again, a new designer crosses our path, catches our eye, and works their way right into our closet.

There are many new designers who release a shoe collection each season. These ten are the ones the team at Cobbler Concierge thinks you need to watch:

Liudmila x Avigail Collins The Boy Is Mine 90 mules $781

Liudmila x Avigail Collins The Boy Is Mine 90 mules $781

  1. Liudmila:The uniqueness of Liudmila’s sexy, strappy styles is apparent on their shoes, sandals, and boots. There is a modern flare to their footwear that is more than a little compelling. Having looked through the recent styles, one of our reviewers had several pair calling out to come home with her.
Website Coming Soon: Idée Fixe Cobbler Concierge

  1. Idée Fixe: Idée Fixe is a new line of handmade shoes that had us smiling as we looked at style after style. Each one of their simple, yet pretty shoes is made with rich, lush fabrics. Most of the styles are ballerina flats or low slides, making them practical for everyday wear. But the richness of the fabrics also gives this line an invitation to parties, dinners, and more.
Salondeju SJ18113 WT $248 Cobbler Concierge

  1. Salondeju: Opening in 2015, Salondeju is a brand that comes to us from Korean designer Sunju An. The styles have clean, modern lines, fit great and add definite polish to any outfit. An has already attracted a somewhat devout following, and, having seen the collection, we certainly understand why.
Margaux The Point Cacao Shoe $195 Cobbler Concierge

  1. Margaux: Margaux’s handmade Italian leather shoes are a simple treasure. Featured at Bloomingdales’ new shoe floor in its NYC flagship store, Margaux’s ballerina flats are custom made for each buyer. How special it feels to try on for size, then customize all of the details just for you. Somehow, we think you will be unable to stop at one. Walk around in these lovelies for just a few minutes and you’ll be contemplating the design you want to have for your next pair…and the one after that.
Nicole Saldana Dylan/Pink Shearling $327 Cobbler Concierge

  1. Nicole Saldaña: From boots to loafers and clogs, Nicole Saldaña brings devotees footwear that is funky and youthful. The sculpted heels have a young, stylish flare that we found compelling and fun. Clearly, this new designer is a faithful friend…she named each pair in her launch line after her closest friends.
M. Gemi The Felize Mule $228 Cobbler Concierge

    1.  M. Gemi: Oh my, we do like the hand crafter M. Gemi Italian shoes we spotted at Bloomingdales. This men’s and women’s shoe designer is one of the highlighted emerging brands at the Heart of Shoe York. Not only do we love their styles, we love the concept they use – partnerships with family owned workshops that make each pair sold.
    Suzanne Rae Sling Back Mule White-Patent $365 Cobbler Concierge
    1. Suzanne Rae: With a spring line featured in Vogue, Suzanne Rae is definitely gaining steam among the top brands on the market. Pulling her inspiration from performing artists, the Brooklyn artist titled this season’s collection Objects of Desire. The styles are fresh and hot…and had us ready to bring home a few to call our own.
    ALCHIMIA DI BALLIN Narcis Leather Ankle Boots $945 Cobbler Concierge

    1. Alchimia Di Ballin: We left our hearts…and our wallets at Barney’s, one of the locations carrying Alchimia Di Ballin’s line of fabulous heeled shoes and boots. Fabulous and funky, with a definite European flare, the line is colorful and comes in an array of fabrics and leather.

    We cannot forget the men in this line-up so our last two are emerging designers of men’s footwear.

    Enzi NKRUMAHS WHITE $140.00 Cobbler Concierge

    1. Enzi: In 2012 four entrepreneurs from Ethiopia, Kenya, U.K. and U.S. launched their Ethiopian footwear line, made by artisans, both women and men, from Addis Ababa. The focus of the line is full grain leather sneakers, each one handmade and a real work of art.

    Myrqvist Gyllsjö Chocolate Suede $349 Cobbler ConciergeMyrqvist Gyllsjö Chocolate Suede $349

    1. Myrqvist: This may be the only line we know of to have launch with funds raised on a Kickstarter campaign, but we are certainly glad Myrqvist was successful in their campaign! Bromma suede and leather are used for these hand-crafted Goodyear Welted men’s shoes. The minimalist Swedish variation on the design is clean and modern for today’s man. They are a sharp finish for the man whose fabulous look misses no detail.

    With these emerging designers [and some others, but we didn’t want to go on forever] on the rise, the future of footwear fashion is in very good hands. Stop by their websites, look for them in stores, and, perhaps, treat yourself to a pair from one of these emerging designers. Your feet will look fabulous and, as the label’s reputation grows, you will already be on trend.

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